Space. Chaos. Stories.

ChaosNova is a fictional universe fuelled by collaborative storytelling and roleplay. 
Our moderately pulpy space adventures take place in the far future, in a cluster of new human homeworlds somewhere in our galaxy. There might also be some twisted space-time manipulations at play.
David Noë
Co-founder of ChaosNova creative group and universe, Author
Kieyotie McDermott
Co-founder of ChaosNova creative group and universe, Author, Friendly neighbourhood GM
Kayleigh Marchant
Author, Editor, Design & art-support, Web consultant
Drew Eckhardt
Author, Worldbuilder, Armour and ship tech consultant
Laura Loolaid
Co-author, Whip-wielding editor, Worldbuilder & Creative consultant
Brands, Pen names, Allies, & Affiliates
Smith & Kaos
Dual pen name for the buddy-writing endeavours by Dave & Laura. (“Smith” is Laura’s primary player-character in the forum roleplay; “Kaos” is one of Dave’s.)

Spawned on a whim when submitting a story for critique, it serves as a more personalized (and shorter!) alternative to “ ChaosNova WritingCorner ”. 
Troubled Core
Fictional sister-universe to that of ChaosNova, run by Kieyotie McDermott. 

Grown from the same discussions and the same group of friends as ChaosNova, it is nevertheless different in tone, in its world-working assumptions, and author intent. TC and CN are not in canon with each other; when we cross-borrow characters and plots, we will adapt them to fit the given universe. 
Trusted Readers 
The brave souls who venture into the unfinished adventures and have a chance to influence the timeline. Often overlap with co-authors, gaming buddies, & literary allies. 
Notable member include: 
- Klayer - our Italian connection 
- Vanessa - spots those plot holes from a mile away 
- Karl - our man in the Zone; braved our comma preservation initiative during proofreading
If you believe your name belongs here, let us know. 
Allies in Gaming
Games are important to us. (Shocking, right?) The gamesy folk we keep an eye on, hang out with, and collaborate with include: 
Matthegeek, Harpoon, Undreas, BitViper Kitsonegirl, JezdamayelSilverspook, Shmoo

If you believe your name belongs here, let us know. 

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