Space. Chaos. Stories.

ChaosNova is a fictional universe fuelled by collaborative storytelling and roleplay. 
Our moderately pulpy space adventures take place in the far future, in a cluster of new human homeworlds somewhere in our galaxy. There might also be some twisted space-time manipulations at play.
SEEKER is a stand-alone story in the ChaosNova universe. We follow Jewel Harper, a not-too-sociable junior bounty hunter who has cut ties with her family, and just wants to keep bringing in targets and be left alone. That... doesn't quite work out. 

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Split Personality [unedited]
SPLIT PERSONALITY is Dave's release debut. The protagonists - an assassin duo of odd origins are among his player-characters in the many forum-roleplay stories. 

The universe lore and reality-assumptions have changed a lot sice Split Personality was writtern. Until its eventual and inevitable remastering, Split Personality remains available for the curious as an e-book. 

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